Wednesday, February 11, 2009

they are booked!

hello all!  i am sorry i have been cyber-absent.  this past week i had a terrible cold that kept me from having fun adventures.  however, the advantage of being stuck inside with a cold in europe is that a cloudy cold-medicine head keeping me indoors can be put to good use.

for what, you might ask?

making travel plans!  here are the latest:

-february 28-march 2, i'll be in paris

-march 8-march 15th, i'll be in spain hopping between malaga, cadiz, seville, barcelona, and perhaps (a ferry ride permitting) tangier in morocco

-april 4-april 6, i'll be in london (SURPRISE SHARON)  

-and (drum roll please), it has been decided that after my semester ends, i'll be spending most of my time in italy!  i already have two travel partners from my program who are on board as well.  

also, for those of you more economically inclined (aka mom), my flight to london cost 10 euro, or $13.  

i think my mantra for study abroad will always remain: i'm not complaining.  

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  1. ohhhh myyy goooddddd!!!

    so when i first saw this message, i got very giddy and happy. and i love my roomie! and thanks for the surprise!

    then... i looked at my calendar. I WON"T BE HERE =( OMG!!! I"m so freakin upset right now.... That's my spring break =(